What is the Diablo Innovation Alliance Program?

The Diablo Innovation Alliance Program is a regional public/private partnership whose vision is to position the region as a leading global center for clean technology and innovation. The collaborative’s goal is to accelerate clean energy and water technology research, innovation, manufacturing, and market adoption through regional collaboration and industry cluster development. (The Diablo Innovation Alliance is a working title for the collaborative; the final, formal name of the Greater East Bay innovation collaborative is still being determined and will be decided upon by the governing board.)


Why is it based in the Greater East Bay?

As a leading world center for energy research, the Greater East Bay offers:

  • A critical mass of clean energy companies, abundant natural resources, and a skilled workforce, making it an ideal location for clean technology businesses.
  • Abundant research capacity concentrated in the area including 14 national laboratories and $2.5 billion in research in the region, which yields innovative new technologies and processes to help drive local entrepreneurship and company scale-up.
  • A large, growing market where many consumers are already purchasing green products and services. As the fourth largest metropolitan area in California, the Greater East Bay has over 950,000 households and 2.5 million people. The population is projected to grow to around 3.2 million by 2030.


Why is the program focused on clean technology?

The region has a strong foundation of cutting-edge research universities and institutions that specialize in clean energy and water technologies. These two emerging industries will drive the regional economy in the 21st century.

What will the collaborative actually do?

The collaborative is developing plans to:

  • Build upon the region’s cutting-edge research in clean energy and water technologies to drive the regional economy, create high-quality jobs, and address global environmental concerns.
  • Support and foster the growth and expansion of the Greater East Bay’s cleantech industry, helping clean energy manufacturers scale up, reduce costs, and stay at the cutting edge.
  • Develop a culture that inspires youth and trains them to become scientists and engineers who will find solutions to the energy, climate, and economic challenges facing this country and the global community.

What is the current status of this program?

Thus far, participants have created a Strategic Action Plan to effectively position the region as a global center for innovation in clean energy and water technology. The collaborative also plans continued outreach to local individuals and organizations with a vested interest in the clean energy and water technology industries.

In addition, the leadership team is embarking on several initiatives, including:

  • Other initiatives in the pipeline


How can companies get more involved?

Click the Get Involved link you’ll see throughout this website and fill out a company information form to be added to our distribution list and the asset map. You can also contact Terry Shoaff at the Contra Costa Economic Partnership by email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .

Who makes up the Diablo Innovation Alliance Program?

Public and private clean energy and water technology stakeholders, research universities and institutions, educational institutions, and workforce and economic development organizations comprise the organization. A list of current participants will soon be included on the website.

Does the program have funds to assist in clean energy or water technology projects?

While the program does not provide direct funding for individual projects, we can provide your company access to resources, networking, and partnerships to help you attract funding. We are always on the lookout for programs and initiatives that offer a distinct role and benefit for the program’s stakeholders and that link to job creation and economic development for the region.

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