The Diablo Innovation Alliance offers companies the opportunity to create new markets and business opportunities for themselves while collaborating to achieve common goals. As core companies commit to the goal of driving innovation and creation of new jobs in the Diablo Region, we believe that other cleantech organizations and entrepreneurs will recognize the value and uniqueness of our effort and join us.

Bobby Ram, Managing Director and Director of Global Community Relations, SunPower Corporation

What is an Industry Cluster?

Industry clusters are geographic concentrations of interconnected businesses in similar industries that derive benefits and a competitive advantage from co-locating with firms in related and supporting industries, specialized suppliers, service providers, and associated institutions. Industry clusters grow in part as a result of proactive public policies that create favorable economic environments and support the formation and growth of cluster companies and related businesses.

Industry clusters enhance a region’s competitive advantages by

  • increasing the productivity of the companies in the cluster;
  • driving innovation; and
  • stimulating new business formation.

The Diablo Innovation Alliance plays a pivotal role in promoting cluster growth, providing public policy leadership, facilitating networking opportunities, and providing business assistance to cluster members. The DIA is currently supporting the expansion of several clusters in the clean energy and water technology sectors.

See the Regional Cluster Map and Regional Cluster Database for more information about the region’s industry sectors. You can add your company to the cluster database here