Our Solar FasTracTM online permitting system and interactive PDF submittal package provides a flexible, standardized approach that is critical to achieving rapid scale-up and widespread adoption. The streamlined solar permitting process was developed in conjunction with local building officials and solar contractors in Phase I and is based on Solar ABC’s and the California Statewide Solar Permitting Guidebook.  The Solar FasTracTM system is currently operational and is running on the Contra Costa County web server. Model documents and standard plans and worksheets are available online for use by other jurisdictions.  While the information, documents, and system are accessible online, the Solar FasTracTM system utilizes interactive PDF’s distributed via conventional email delivery systems using technology that can be deployed rapidly and cost-effectively.

 To view and test the Solar FasTracTM online permit submittal system demo, click here.

*Please note that the Solar FasTrac™ system is still in testing mode and should not be used to submit plans at this time. We will be going live in early 2013.